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Neil Patel is the designer behind Tetradtype, an independent digital type foundry that crafts custom and retail fonts for creatives. Before founding Tetradtype in 2009, Neil spent a decade working as a semiconductor process engineer specializing in sub-micron printing—an experience that compels him to balance the aesthetic with the technical. 

Maine Wedding Company Custom Logo


An assortment of Greyletter's Work


Maine Wedding Company Custom Logo

Neil Patel


The Maine Wedding Company is an online wedding planning guide that brings together information about wedding vendors, venues, ideas and experience to help plan a beautiful Maine wedding. The service needed a logo that was elegant and timeless to match the quality of the wedding experience it helps to shape. Working with Arielle Walrath of Might & Main (the branding agency on the project), I chose to execute the name of the company alongside a monogram evocative of fine wedding stationery.

The first step of the process was to choose a typeface for the brand. After much research we settled on Spira, which not only had the right character on its own but was subtle enough to work with other visual elements. The MWCo monogram was designed to be simple and bold. An overly ornate monogram would have been too distracting and may have competed with elegance of the type and would lose its sense of impact. The monogram also needed to be designed such that it could be easily read at small sizes with minor adjustment. This was important as the monogram also serves as a favicon and web badge for partnered vendors.