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Portland, Maine

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Neil Patel is the designer behind Tetradtype, an independent digital type foundry that crafts custom and retail fonts for creatives. Before founding Tetradtype in 2009, Neil spent a decade working as a semiconductor process engineer specializing in sub-micron printing—an experience that compels him to balance the aesthetic with the technical. 




Type-based logos

Unique brands deserve unique identities.

Greyletter works with designers and art directors to create custom type for logos. This might mean modifying a retail font to customize it slightly, creating a unique monogram, or creating a completely new logotype that speaks to the brand's defining characteristics. The result is a logo that is ownable and one-of-a-kind.

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Font fixes and adjustments

Designers who work with type encounter a variety of problems with fonts.

Missing characters, awkward letterforms or lack of weights or styles can cause problems in your design and lead to  manually tweaking kerning or sizing, swapping out characters, or using faux styles. Greyletter can correct many of these problems and save you design and production time by adjusting the design of a typeface or expanding it to include additional features. We can also implement OpenType features to make using ligatures, fractions, and stylistic alternates automatic. 

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Custom type design 

Greyletter creates completely custom typefaces and fonts. 

These can range from a few specialized characters to full faces with multi-language support and multitudes of OpenType features. For companies and publications that need a highly unique type style, or when you can't find a font that offers the aesthetics, functionality and versatility you need, the only solution is to commission a custom design. 

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Each project begins with a discussion about your needs and goals. We'll talk about where and how you're going to use the type and decide whether it is best to edit an existing font or create a new one.

For logotype work, I typically work directly with branding/design agencies or in-house brand teams. After reviewing the design briefs we will talk about secondary elements of the brand identity, including supporting typefaces and accompanying icons or graphics. From there we'll work up a plan and get started.

The modification of existing fonts is governed by an End User License Agreement, which you agree to when you purchase or download a font. Before I can change an existing font, I will help you determine whether the changes you need are allowed by your EULA. For custom font commissions we'll discuss what kind of licensing strategy will work best for you.

After we've discussed where and how my work will be used, we'll define a strategy to implement the design or font changes and a schedule to edit, test and roll-out your custom type solution.

Currently, I am taking on custom logotype and typeface design work with Mark Jamra of TypeCulture. Please visit us at JamraPatel to learn more.


Partial Client List

NCR (National Cash Register)
IDEXX Laboratories
Might & Main/Hugo's Restaurant
Scott Frizzle & Associates/Cartoon Network
Digital Kitchen
Union Square Hospitality Group
Blue Smoke
Kemp Goldberg
Maine Wedding Company